We try to stand behind all prices we advertise on this website, however

we reserve the right to change the price on a product without notice if necessary.

All parts must be complete and damage free and no water damaged parts will be excepted.

Any parts that are broken or missing pieces will be marked as such and will be subject to a 50% deduction.

There is a 5 piece maximum on any one part number. 

If you find you have more then 5 pieces, please contact us so we can approve it before shipping.

Shipping over 5 of a number will be priced at a lower price unless other arrangements are made before shipping.


ABS    Anti Locking Brakes

BCM   Body Control Modules

CCM    Climate Control Modules

CECM    Chrysler Engine Control Modules

Chrysler ECM Hot List

DCAL   Domestic Calipers 

FECM    Ford Engine Control Modules

FECM   Ford Family Code

FICM   Fuel Injector Control Module

GBOX   Gear Boxes

GEM Modules

GMECM    General  Motors Engine Control Modules

HYBRID Batteries

Hydro Boosters

IMPCAL    Import Calipers

IMPECM     Import Engine Control Modules

IPC     Instrument Panel Clusters

Misc Electronics    (Nav Units, Tac Modules, Message Centers, Elec PS, Overhead Display)

PDC     Power Distribution Center

PDM     Power Door Modules

TCCM     Transmission Computer Control Modules

TCM     Transmission Control Modules

TIPM     Totally Integrated Power Module